male body contouring

Body Contouring For Men

For years, body contouring was focused on meeting the needs of women who wanted to remove excess fat, while also toning and tightening the belly, flanks and other areas of the body for a slimmer, sleeker profile. But during the past decade, the demand for male body contouring began to rise, and procedures were developed and introduced designed specifically to help men achieve their ideal body shape. In fact, in 2015, liposuction was one of the top five cosmetic surgeries requested by men, helping them get rid of unwanted fat and belly flab to reveal the tighter, toned muscles underneath so they look slimmer and more youthful. (After all, what’s the point of doing hundreds of planks and crunches if all your hard work is hidden under a layer of flabby fat?)

Of course, while liposuction is certainly effective in removing unwanted fatty deposits, it is a surgical procedure, and that means patients can experience significant discomfort and recovery time, not to mention exposing themselves to the risks associated with surgical procedures and anesthesia.

Say Goodbye to Love Handles Without Surgery

Fortunately, there’s a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction that can remove unwanted fat while also helping tone and firm skin so the body looks and feels firmer and sleeker. It’s called SculpSure®, and it works by sending focused beams of laser energy directly to the fat cells, heating them up and melting them away without the need for incisions or anesthesia.

SculpSure® uses a technique called laser lipolysis to target specific areas of the belly and flanks where fat tends to accumulate, especially as we get older. The laser energy is delivered through a special handheld device that features four interchangeable heads to enable the practitioner to provide very precise treatments for more consistent, customized results. Once the fat cells are broken down, the fragments are carried off by the body’s lymphatic system over the next few weeks, leaving the area slimmer and sleeker. Treatment takes about a half hour, and there’s no recovery time – patients can go back to their regular routines immediately afterward. Plus, multiple areas can be treated in a single office visit.

But removing excess fat is just one of the ways SculpSure® works. By gently heating the tissue surrounding the fat deposits, collagen production is increased, which means skin looks and feels firmer and more resilient, revealing toned, sculpted muscles beneath the skin. SculpSure® is a great way to lock in the much-idealized V-shape created by a toned, sculpted midsection, ridding the body of flabby love handles and paunchy belly fat that can be so difficult to get rid of with diet and exercise alone.

Halo Leads the Way in Male Body Contouring

At Halo Laser and Aesthetic Medicine, we understand men have different goals and objectives when it comes to body contouring and other cosmetic procedures. Our staff is skilled in male body contouring approaches focused on the unique needs of our male patients and aimed at helping them achieve their ideals. We don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach to care; every treatment, service and product we recommend is based on an in-depth evaluation and discussion for optimal results. And it all starts with a one-on-one consultation. If you’d like to learn more about male body contouring or find out about other cosmetic procedures designed specifically for men, call Halo Laser and Aesthetic Medicine today and request your personal consultation today