Laser Treatments for Skin

Laser Treatments for Skin

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As we age, the effects of sun damage and environmental pollutants take their toll on our skin, causing it to wrinkle, develop sun spots and look tired. A Sciton skin resurfacing procedure can reverse these effects and restore a healthy look to the skin. There are two approaches to resurfacing: full field, and fractional. In full field resurfacing, the entire surface area of the skin is treated. A laser beam is scanned across the treatment area and precisely removes a layer of skin.

The body will naturally replace the old, damaged skin that was removed, with a fresh, healthy layer. Treatments can range from shallow (which might be appropriate for eliminating fine lines, sun spots and tired-looking skin) to deep (which is often used to improve skin tone/texture and eliminate deep wrinkles, even in difficult areas like upper lip lines and crow’s feet). In fractional resurfacing, the laser removes pinpoint columns of skin, leaving the surrounding tissue intact. This approach allows the laser to controllably ablate and coagulate tissue to variable depth, while the surrounding intact tissue promotes rapid healing.

Laser resurfacing is a procedure that uses laser light to strip away layers of damaged skin. Stimulating your body’s natural healing responses to help stimulate collagen production delivering smoother, tighter, healthier younger looking skin.

Laser resurfacing may be performed on the whole face or in specific regions. We can tailor the treatment according to your skin’s individual needs and concerns as well as for your desired recovery time.

Lasers are used for:

  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Improving tone and texture
  • Scars
  • Skin discoloration and brown spots

At Halo Laser and Aesthetic Medicine we offer a variety of Laser treatments for skin. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you look your best!