Platelet Rich Plasma for Breast Rejuvenation

This procedure is purely PRP for rejuvenation purposes. It’s for women who’re happy with their breast size, but would love to rejuvenate the skin for youthful looks, restore fullness for healthy breasts and regain sensitivity in areas where it’s diminished. The procedure is the same as any other Platelet-Rich Plasma procedures. It starts with drawing 20ml of the patient’s blood, harvesting the growth factor using special centrifuge and then injecting into necessary areas. PRP injection not only enhances the looks, it produces new tissues in the area because of all the growth factors, resulting in better cleavage and fullness.

Why not implants?

Some medical professionals hold the opinion that, “if you want to enlarge your breasts, stick with the gold standard breast Implants performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon.” Artificial implants are anything but gold standard. Natural is the new gold. Besides, to implant anything, you need to make incisions on the breasts. The scars that result can take time to heal. In addition, implants may need to be replaced sometime after 10 or 20 years.