WHAT IS Erectile Dysfunction OR ED?  (P Magic Shot)

Erectile dysfunction (ED), or impotence, is the inability to obtain or maintain an erection suitable for intimate activity. While most frequently seen in 50-65% of males aged 65 and older and nearly all men over the age of 70, erectile dysfunction affects up to 39% of 40-year-old men, too; more than 35 million men total in the United States. Left untreated, the physical frustrations of living with erectile dysfunction can quickly turn emotionally stressful as well, with men often reporting relationship and related issues. The result can be embarrassment and loss of self-esteem which often affects personal relationships.

New PRP study gives hope to men

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is inability to get an erection or problem keeping an erection firm enough for sex and/or a reduced sexual desire that, when on an ongoing basis, it usually affects your self-confidence and causes stress, and relationship problems, frequently creating an issue for you or your partner.

PRP is a revolutionary relatively new procedure that can treat erectile dysfunction using platelet rich plasma (PRP). The PRP Shot procedure is non-invasive and doesn't carry the heart-health risks that many traditional erectile dysfunction treatments do.

The PRP Shot uses natural, regenerative cells that are drawn from your bloodstream. These cells are refined to just the platelet rich plasma (PRP), using a highly-advanced centrifuge.

By administering platelet rich plasma directly to the penis, the PRP Shot (also called the P Magic Shot) delivers erections that are:

  • Firmer
  • Larger
  • More frequent
  • Longer-lasting

This PRP promotes the growth of new tissue that can help you have better erections for up to 18 months or longer. If you're interested in finally beating erectile dysfunction call us at 847 260 7300 and get your complimentary consultation today.