lip injections

What’s the most natural looking lip injection?

Everyone recognizes lines and wrinkles as signs of aging, but the effects of time can also take a toll on the natural volume of our lips, leaving them thinner and less voluptuous. The effect can be especially noticeable in those whose lips are naturally thin, resulting in a more worn, sterner appearance that can contribute to the overall effects of aging. The good news is, a lip injection can provide a simple approach to correcting thin lips, helping them appear plumper and more sensual in just a single office visit.

Today, there are several options available for lip injections, with each type of filler material offering slightly different results. To achieve the most natural-looking lip lines, most cosmetic doctors agree fillers that use hyaluronic acid are the best bet.

Hyaluronic acid fillers plump up lips while still leaving them soft, supple and natural-feeling, without the hardness associated with some other types of fillers (an especially important consideration when kissing). Plus, they allow a high degree of customization, so you and your doctor can add more or less volume to specific areas of the lips for the most natural effect possible. And if you don’t like your results, hyaluronic acid can be dissolved with an injection of a special enzyme. Results of lip injections are visible immediately (once any swelling resolves) and typically last about four to six months.

Finally, choose the best practitioner for the job: For the most natural-looking results, always have your injections performed by an experienced, certified doctor.