Dermal Fillers for Larger, Fuller Lips

Don’t wonder any longer if your lips could have that sexy pout you’ve dreamed of. If one or both of your lips are thin or you’ve lost volume over the years, call today!

Enhancing your lip volume is fast and easy and lasts up to 9 months or more, depending on the product.

Thin or uneven lips can quickly be remedied by one of our physicians using a dermal lip filler. Restylane or Juvederm are most commonly used. And after a few treatments, your lips will be transformed before your eyes.

Our goal, as always, is providing our patients with natural-looking results. We don’t like lips to look “overdone” or unnaturally full. We take into account the frame of your face, and together, will devise a plan to help balance your lips and give you the perfect “pout”!

We also use dermal fillers to smooth the vertical lip lines that often frame and detract from your smile. These lines, sometimes referred to as “smoker’s lines,” are easily smoothed just using a small amount of dermal filler. These treatments do not make your lips appear larger, just more youthful.

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