Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Northbrook, IL

Halo Laser and Aesthetic Medicine is located 281 Waukegan Rd, 2nd Floor Teddie Kossof Salon, Northfield, IL 60093. Our clinic can cater to patients living in Northbrook, IL as we are only about 8-10 minutes away. You can reach our office by taking IL-43 S/S Waukegan Rd.

What areas can be Treated with Laser Hair Removal?

At Halo, we use BBL (BroadBand Light) laser hair removal to treat a variety of areas. Laser hair removal can be used on areas like the:

• Face
• Arms
• Under arms
• Legs
• Bikini area
• Chest
• Shoulders
• Back

The Procedure

Treatments are non-invasive, gentle and safe. There is minimal to no discomfort because the treatment uses a state-of-the-art cooling system to minimize pain during treatment. The skin is actually protected with a cold sapphire crystal.

However, some patients may be more sensitive and may prefer a topical anesthetic. You can talk to your Halo team member about whether topical anesthetic is right for you.

You’ll wear safety shields or glasses to protect your eyes. A clear gel is applied to the skin by your Halo team member. The light energy is delivered by a cooled applicator. During the treatment, you could feel warmth or a slight stinging feeling.

These treatments can take one minute in the case of treating the upper lip to a half an hour when doing the whole back, depending on the size of the area you are having treated. Your Halo team member can tell you more about how long the treatments will take.

There are three phases of hair growth—anagen, catagen, and telogen. Only hairs in the active growth phase, anagen, can be successfully treated. Because of these stages, hair removal clients need to be treated from five to six times at intervals of 6 to 8 weeks.


There is virtually no downtime with this procedure, meaning in most cases patients can return to normal activities right away. Many patients do the procedure on lunch breaks or on the way home from work.

You may have some redness that should go away in a few hours. You may also feel like hairs are growing a few days to a week after treatment, but most of these hairs are actually shedding.

There is also minimal aftercare. Common aftercare involves keeping the area clean and using a sunscreen. Your Halo team member will be able to help you understand what to expect for aftercare in your particular treatment.

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